Surf Spots in Morocco- The Complete Guide to Surfing in Morocco

Surf Spots in Morocco- The Complete Guide to Surfing in Morocco

If you are looking for the best surf spots in Morocco, you came to the right place. In this guide you will find all the information you need for your surf trip to Morocco. From general travel information, to surf seasons, surf spots, and everything else you need to know about surfing in Morocco.

About Surfing in Morocco


Most surfers who surf Morocco for the first time falls in love with it immediately. This country, the “land of right hand point breaks”, is definitely one of the best surf destinations in the world. In fact, with only few hour’s flight from most European countries, surfers from all over the world discovered the magic of this place, and keep coming here and enjoy its epic waves on a regular basis.


Morocco, a Muslim country in West Africa, face the Sahara desert from East, and the Atlantic Ocean on the West. Due to its geographical location, there are almost 365 sunny days a year. With about 1,800 KM of coastline, Morocco gets tons of swell and it offers several world class surf breaks. While perfect waves hit the whole Moroccan coastline, the majority of surfers will hang out in the major surf capital of the country, Taghazout.


Located less than half an hour from the International Airport of Agadir, the area of Taghazout is a home for huge variety of surf spots. From soft pilling and beginner’s waves to massive barrels, the waves here can suite all skill levels. For that reason, surfing in Morocco became so popular in the past decade, and established the country as a perfect destination for a surf trip.

Surfing in Morocco

Surf Seasons in Morocco


In General, you can surf Morocco 365 a year. Since this coastline picks up both NW and SW swells, you can always find something to ride on somewhere along the coast. However, the best surf season is definitely the winter, between Octobers to March. During these months the swell is big and extremely consistent. Moreover, the offshore winds blow from the desert and contribute to the perfect surf conditions.


The air temp during the season normally averages 22°C. The days are always sunny, but the nights can get pretty cold, so bring some long sleeves for the evenings. Accordingly, the water temp is usually around 18°C. Therefore, when surfing in Morocco you will need to bring your full wet suit. A 3/2 one will usually be enough, but for the sensitive ones, better bring a 4/3.

Keep in mind that during the peak of the season (December-January) the swell can be huge, sometimes even 10-15 feet. If you are an advanced surfer, these months will be perfect for you. However, if you are still not at this level, you better come to surf Morocco at the beginning or end of the season, when the waves are around 4-7 feet, and a bit more forgiving.


Travel Information

Language- Arabic.

Population- about 40 million.

Currency- Moroccan dirham.

Calling code- +212.

Time zone- GMT +1.

Pros- long waves, interesting culture.

Cons- cold water, lack of left hand waves. 

Surfer on a wave

Surf Spots in Morocco


When surfing Morocco, you have a huge selection of breaks to choose from. In fact, Morocco offers all types of waves for all skill levels. Therefore, you can always find the right wave for yourself. Even though there is amazing surf all over the Moroccan coastline, the best area for a surf trip is around Taghazout, and those are the most popular spots:

Surf Spots in Morocco for Beginners:

Banana Point:

You will find this spot in front of the many banana plantations fields in the area. It is a great right hand point breaks a soft sandy bottom. The wave here is long and mellow, and therefore, great for beginners and for longboards.

Devil’s Rock:

Devil’s Rock is not as scary as it may sounds. Actually, it is a pretty soft beach break which opens up to both right and left sides. Due to its proximity to the nearby village it can get crowded. However, this beach has several different peaks to choose from so you can always find your waves.


Another right hander breaking over a sandy bottom. During high tide this wave is gentle and beginner’s friendly. However, when the tide is low or when the swell is big this beach turns into a fast barrels machine.

Crocodile’s / Crocs:

This is a typical beach break. It has multiple peaks breaking over a sandy bottom. Great beach to practice your skills.


Located further north, this is a very long right hand point break. It opens up softly and slowly along a beautiful bay.

Surf Spots in Morocco for Intermediates:

La Source:

La Source is a wonderful reef break. Actually, it is an A frame waves breaking over a rocky bottom, but it also have some sandy sections. On a good day you can ride here for about 100-150 meters. This spot is suitable to all skill levels.


This one is definitely a world class surf spot. It breaks over a reef and can run up to 250 meters with some barreling sections and fun wall. Up to 5 feet swell, it is an amazing wave, after that it starts to close out.

Hash Point:

This right hand point break is located right in front of Taghazout. Due to its location, it is always crowded with both locals and foreigners who come to surf Morocco. The wave here is fast, long, and suitable to all levels.

K-11 and K-12:

These spots got their name according to their distance from Agadir. While K-11 is one of the only left breaks in the area, K-12 is an A frame which opens up to both sides. Both spots offers a pretty easy ride and they are perfect for goofy footers.

Desert Point:

This point break produces an amazingly long right hander. However, it requires a big swell in order to perform well. Therefore, wait for the right day to score it and you will not regret for coming here. 


You will need to head further north in order to reach this spot. However, on the flat days, when no other spot is working, Tamri always performs. This beach break produces waves on any day, any tide and any swell direction. 
Taghazout Beach

Surf Spots in Morocco for Experts:

Anchor Point:

This is the most famous spot in the country, and the main reason why people come from all over the world to surf Morocco. This right hand point break in Taghazout is a world class wave. In fact, it has 3 different sections with a fast wall and massive barrels. This spot is definitely a must during your surf trip to Morocco.

Killer Point:

This one is probably the most consistent spot in the area. Therefore, you can count on it on the days when the swell is small. Even though it requires a long paddle to get to the lineup, it produces extremely long rides to the right, and good barrels as well.


This break is always bigger than the other spots, and requires high skills to surf it well. It is long and powerful, but only a fast surfer will be able to make all the sections. If you know what you are doing, don’t miss out this spot, but if you are a beginner, this one is not for you.


Similarly to Boilers, this is also a spot for the advanced surfers only. With big sharp rocks, strong currents, and long massive barrels, this is a perfect wave to those who can handle it. 


If you are new to surfing, and you are looking for beginner waves, check out our post about the best beginner surf beaches in Morocco.

Imsouane Bay

Surf Hotels in Morocco

When coming to surf in Morocco, you want to make sure you stay in the right place, which means, as close as possible to the best spots. These are some of the most recommended surf hotels in the country:

Immeuble Panorama TAGHAZOUT– Located in Taghazout, 200 m from Taghazout Beach, 1.9 km from Madraba Beach and 4.2 km from Golf Tazegzout, Immeuble Panorama TAGHAZOUT provides accommodation with a balcony and free WiFi. The property is 20 km from Marina Agadir and 20 km from Agadir Oufella Ruins.

Aftas beach house– Located in Taghazout, Aftas Appartement offers a restaurant. This self-catering accommodation features free WiFi. The apartment will provide you with a balcony and a terrace. Featuring a shower, the en-suite private bathrooms also come with free toiletries. There is an additional bathroom. You can enjoy sea view and Mountain View from the room.

The O Experience – Tayourt Lodge, Imsouane– Located in Imsouane, The O Experience – Tayourt Lodge offers beachfront accommodation a few steps from Plage d’Imsouane 2 and provides various facilities, such as a garden and a terrace. The property is situated 500 m from Plage d’Imsouane, 400 m from Imsouane and 5 km from Tagant Imsouane. Attractions in the area include Tagayout, 13 km away, or Tildi, set 22 km from the property.


For more surf hotels in Morocco check out our post about the best surf resorts in Morocco, or simply look for deals on

Surf Camps in Morocco


If you are a beginner, or new to surfing, the best way to explore Morocco’s surf scene is on a surf camp. Those are the most recommended ones:

Surf Berbere- find the info at

Camino Surf- find the info at

Zen Surf Morocco- find the info at

Surfline Morocco- find the info at

For more details check out our post about the best surf camps in Morocco

To sum up, surfing in Morocco is a mix of perfect surf and great culture, wrapped in a desert atmosphere. Therefore, you should definitely count Morocco for your next surf trip. 

If you are looking for other surf destinations in Africa, you can head South to South Africa. In contrast, you can head West to the Canary Islands, or even North to Portugal, France, and the rest of Europe.


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