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My name is Matt. I am a surfer, a diver, a traveler, and the founder of Reef Break. I was born and raised in Israel and moved to Mexico in my 20s. Since I can remember, I have been attracted to the ocean and to whatever it brings. When I started surfing, I knew I was hooked. I always had a passion for exploring new locations around the world and finding new waves. For me, it was the perfect blend of traveling, surfing, and exploring new aspects of life. So, after traveling and surfing in more places than I can remember, I decided to share my passion with the world, and that is when Reef Break was born.


Reef Break was founded in February 2020 to help surfers around the world plan their surf trips. It started as a surf travel guide and developed into an information source for all surfers out there. It covers everything from surf gear to surf camps, surf coaching, and anything a surfer should know.


All the content in reefbreak.net is delivered either from my own personal experience or from the experience of other surfers. It is written in a way that we, as surfers, would want to read surf-related content. Since all the information on this website represents the personal opinions of surfers who share their personal experiences, we can not guarantee an error-free usage of this site. All we can promise is that we are doing our best to provide a useful and enjoyable experience using this website.


If you have anything to share with us, please email us at reefbreaksite@gmail.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Have a wonderful day, and never stop surfing,

Winter swell
me surfing
Me freediving
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